– ME & the sea –

Me, the sea, and family  Hi, I'm Kaz, a child of the 60’s, and a coastal photographer who’s blessed to be living on Hayling Island, on the beautiful south Hampshire coast.  

I'll mainly be found on the shoreline by the seaweed, beach cleaning, watching crabs burrowing into the sand, admiring the brave kite surfers leaping over the waves, enjoying the dogs living their best lives, sunset watching, or pretending I was a seagull.

I have a family of sea-lovers, dotted along the coast in Brighton and Southsea, with my Mum nearby in Rowlands Castle.  We all have blue blood pulsing through our veins!

Eco ethics   Actively caring for the local coastal environment, working with sustainable wedding communities and marine conservation charities is really important to me. So if you're an eco warrior yourself, or want help planning a sustainable wedding but don't know where to start, I'll have lots of blogs coming soon to get you started.

Passion and learning  I’ve been passionate about photography all my life (thanks to my Dad) and took the leap to turn professional after being encouraged by friends to ‘go for it’ and studying hard at a wonderfully inspirational academy called The Trained Eye

The past few years has been an incredible journey of pushing boundaries, meeting new people, and experiencing life as a photographer.  I’ve had the huge honour of photographing weddings, events, and also families enjoying precious moments together.  It really doesn’t get much better than that!

I’ve been around couples, their families and their guests since 2013 as a wedding driver so have shared lots of wonderfully intimate and emotional moments with hundreds of brides, grooms and their loved ones.  It’s an amazing and humbling feeling to witness one of the most emotional days in a person’s life.

My style ... The natural environment has landscaped my style of photography and provides a daily source of inspiration in my work.  I seek the most natural, simple moments and aim to capture them in a timeless way.  I’m fascinated with details and I also love enhancing the beauty of my images in Lightroom where my creative nature can shine through.  These are the joys of combining the film techniques with today’s ever evolving digital technology.

How did I get here?  My parents encouraged me to appreciate the natural world around us from a young age.  I have so many fond memories of family holidays to Cornwall, Devon, the New Forest, and further afield to Brittany in France, beach combing, exploring the countryside and climbing trees.  I’d always capture these moments either on film or drawing them on canvas.

These days, I explore the coast in 'Bluebell' my old blue VW Beetle or my green campervan, which I also use for wedding and lifestyle photography.  I love old cars for their style and nostalgia, but the VWs hold my heart as they are so charming and fulfil my passion for all things from the 1960’s. Expect to see them in many of my images and blogs!

My hero My Dad was the biggest source of inspiration for the art of photography and I’m thankful to him for his nostalgic methods using film, which has filtered into my world.  You can follow my personal project about his plethora of film equipment on my blog – my aim is to restore and transfer the Myall family’s highlights from film onto digital media, but most importantly enjoy the process of discovering the world and his family from his eyes.


My approach to your wedding day

My style of wedding photography is best described as reportage as I want to tell the story of your day in beautiful images from an onlooker’s perspective, reflected back for you to relive. I try to let things happen as naturally as possible, with a little gentle herding where necessary for group photographs if these are important to you.

Helping you, your family, and friends to feel relaxed in front of the camera is key to capturing those natural, unstaged moments.  Hopefully, you’ll forget I’m even there and just continue on enjoying one of the most wonderful, meaningful days of your life.

I also love to work with other photographers who share and compliment my style and this brings a uniqueness to Confetti Coast Photography.